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Raising a Sustainable Future

Have you ever thought about where your relationship with food started and why are we still so dependent on plastic packaging when there are a wide variety of biodegradable packaging available? We’ve all heard about the age-old debate of nature vs nurture and how you are born with certain genetic traits and how certain habits are taught. The answer to nature vs nurture is significantly simplified when talking about healthy eating habits and sustainable packaging. From birth, children learn by observing, this means not just observing what we say, but also observing our habits and behaviors. If all children know are unhealthy eating habits and non-sustainable packaging, how can we expect the future to be different? Therefore, a sustainable future should not rest on our children, but rather on us!

Food is fuel to the brain and directly impacts your gut health and the bacteria that live and thrive inside of your gut. These bacteria are vital for your immune system (that fight against viruses like Covid), hormonal balance, weight, mood, and sleep. Good and bad bacteria live inside your digestive tract (gut) and are highly dependent on the food you eat, exposure to chemicals (plastic and air pollution) and stress. Some factors are out of our control like stress and chemical pollution, but the one thing we have control over is the food we eat and the packaging we use.

Teaching children about living a healthy and sustainable life shouldn’t just fall on the shoulders of parents, but also on the shoulders of schools and teachers. Implementing initiatives like recycling, biodegradable food packaging and healthy food options are just a few ideas of what schools can do to raise a sustainable future. NANNA’S Café, use locally sourced produce rich in plant fibers to feed the good bacteria in your gut. Meals are packaged in biodegradable containers to limit the exposure of microplastics in your body and the environment we live in.

The meals we make comply with the following criteria: Color, seasonality, and variety to make sure you are consuming a diverse amount of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants to feed your good gut bacteria, protect the immune system, and help with weight management and improve overall mental health.

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