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The Bob Eat Foundation has joined forces with Plastic Oceans Australasia to recognise the work of schools across Australia and New Zealand who actively engage in initiatives and programs to reduce and improve their waste management systems.


Schools demonstrates minimisation of waste sent to landfill through workplace / operational waste reduction plans and audits as well as education initiatives that teach students to mange waste and engagement strategies that encourage teachers, parents and the wider community to participate in waste reduction efforts.

Criteria for Entry
  • Criterion 1: Activity must demonstrate a benefit to the environment AND the community.

  • Criterion 2: Activity must demonstrate a positive impact on the school and their students.

  • Criterion 3: Activity must have been completed within the last 24 month.

  • Criterion 4: Entry must be from a public school.


Entry Open and Close Dates
  • Opens 1st of February 2024

  • Closes 15th April 2024

  • First Place - $600

  • Second Place - $300

  • Third Place - $150 

Entry How to enter
  • Send an email to that includes:

    • Title of the entry.

    • Your school's name and address.

    • The contact person for your entry, including: name, email address and phone number.

    • A photo (required) and or a short video (video optional).

    • A description of the initiative (200 - 500 words).

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