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Education is the key to a sustainable future. Students have the power to drive change rapidly within their school community. 

School Education Program

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) believe that children are “Critical agents of change and channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world.”​ 

POA offers programs for students of all ages to assist them to reduce their plastic footprint, encouraging leadership opportunities within the community to drive positive change. 

Teacher Helping Student


POA provides guided support for the first 12 months with education facilitators. 

Schools are encouraged to imbue and continue with the program throughout the community until single use plastics are phased out. 

The comprehensive resources support primary and secondary school students to make positive environmental changes. 

What's Included


These materials have been developed into lesson plans across three age groups and several subjects. Each lesson is ready to be included in teachers’ day-to-day duties with the purpose of simply being picked up and inserted into the schools’ curriculum.

Child Model


We are calling on schools to form a student team who work to phase out single-use plastics from their campus. Students will undertake a learning journey that produces huge benefits for our environment. This is a student-led initiative that receives support from the POA team for 12 months.

Ambassador Schools 

Three ambassador schools taking part in our National Schools' Challenge are working hard to gather information about the plastic habits of their schools and creating initiatives to reduce plastic consumption by staff and students. These schools were personally invited to eliminate single-use plastics from their campus within 12 months.

Stay connected with these schools by checking out the hashtag #poaschoolschallenge.


John Monash Science School, VIC

Queensland Academy for Science,
Maths & Technology, QLD

Australian Science & Maths School, SA


"The Plastic Oceans Education Program is an informative and hands on program to meet like-minded young people, explore possible career pathways, and work towards making the John Monash Science School single-use plastic free."


Be Part of the Next Generation

How can your school join?

To enquire about the education program click the link below to register your details and one of our team members will get back to you.

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