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Saltwater Picnic Co and Turn Systems Q&A

We chatted to some sustainability business leaders about what they're doing, challenges, why they're supporting POA including with Picnics Unwrapped and everything in-between. Listen below to the amazing conversation and insight that we had.

Don't forget to register for Picnics Unwrapped, we're just over halfway so not much time left to host your picnic and raise awareness.

Guest Speakers

Jack Charewicz, Director of Australia/New Zealand at Turn Systems

Jack is the Global Sales Manager and listed Director for the Australian and New Zealand region, at Turn. Turn Systems is the major sponsor of Picnics Unwrapped and is the world's leading capture and reuse system, with a mission to eradicate all single-use plastic across festivals, stadiums and events through their state-of-the-art technology and systems. Jack is an Eco-warrior at heart with a goal to change the world, one cup at a time.

Adam McDonald, Co-Founder of Saltwater Picnic Co

Adam McDonald is a serial entrepreneur that has built and sold many brands and businesses over the past two decades. Currently, Adam and his wife Emma are building their dream business called Saltwater Picnic Co. which creates designer picnic rugs made from recycled materials. Each rug saves 96 water bottles from landfills and plastic pollution and they also support eco charities Plastic Oceans Australasia and Ecologi.

Co-Hosted By

Ricki Hersburgh, Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Australasia

An environmental sustainability professional, Ricki’s passion and lifelong dedication to the challenges of plastics waste have driven her to develop cutting-edge behaviour change programs for schools, businesses, government, and community groups based on scientific research.

Patricia Lee, Marketing and Communications Manager at Plastic Oceans Australasia

Patricia, passionate about education works to support individuals, groups, and organisations promoting actions to conserve the environment in pursuit of positive social and political-ecological outcomes and remains committed to transforming both unsustainable collective social practices and the systems that hold those practices in place.

Plastic Oceans Australasia is a not-for-profit dedicated to changing the world's attitude to plastic within a generation. If you'd like to support us in continuing this important work and offering free podcasts, webinars and much more, you can donate at

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