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World Earth Day Poem Competition Winners

As part of World Earth Day, Plastic Oceans Australasia and EcoBins Australia joined together to ask people to send in their poems that told us how they plan to Restore Our Earth, the theme of World Earth Day 2021.

After long discussions and deliberation, the entries below are the three winners!


The ocean is choking on plastic.

We need to do something drastic.

We have no time to waste.

We need to recycle, repurpose and reuse with haste.

If we follow this notion we can all save the ocean.

Together as one!

- Antoine


Pollution in the ocean

Turtles eating plastic

Landfill taking over

It is very tragic.

Can we invent something

Powered by the sunlight?

You put your rubbish into it

Then they shred left and right.

They will help by

Reducing landfill

And another thing

Less animals we’ll kill.

Kindness Toward Earth!

- Jessica, 8 years old


The Oceans, the seas, the rivers, the sands,

Who does not love to experience the magic of Nature's Plans?

Humans trying to consume wherever they land,

All their utilities, their necessities gone all grand!

Don't the fishes, the whales deserve to live like sea nightingales?

Don't we all need to reduce, recycle, make up for what ails?

Make Mother earth all Green and Beautiful again.

- Shweta

These winners have shared in $500 worth of prizes from EcoBins Australia, whose signature 4 bin waste separation system is Australia’s favourite and can be seen throughout the country in schools, offices, universities and government buildings.

To find out more about EcoBins Australia and watch our special webinar with its CEO and Founder, John Engelander, click here.


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