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World Earth Day Poem Competition

To celebrate this year’s World Earth Day’s theme of Restore Our Earth. Take part in our World Earth Day Poem Competition to win up to $500 in prizes from EcoBin Australia. Tell us in a poem of 50 words or less how you plan to Restore Our Earth.

All you have to do is:

  • Send us a poem in 50 words or less

  • Follow EcoBins Australia on Instagram by clicking here

  • Follow Plastic Oceans Australasia on Instagram by clicking here

Extra points to anyone who:

  • Includes a heading (excluded from the 50 words)

  • Mentions the ocean

  • Shows creativity

Who is EcoBin Australia?

Ecobin was born from humble beginnings; when CEO John Engelander noticed that unlike at home, waste wasn’t being separated in the workplace. This oversight meant an enormous amount of waste was unnecessarily going to landfill when instead at least half of it could have been recycled or composted.

Separating waste at the source (the moment at which you chuck your rubbish in the bin) helps to decrease damaging greenhouse gases and the production of virgin materials.

Today our signature 4 bin waste separation system is Australia’s favourite and can be seen throughout the country in schools, offices, universities and government buildings.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We consider ‘How’ we make things, because the ‘Why’ we do things is even more important.


There are three prizes up for grabs, with vouchers going to the first, second and third prize from EcoBin Australia:

  1. $350 voucher

  2. $100 voucher

  3. $50 voucher

To enter, fill out the fields below and press submit.

The competition closes Midnight Sunday 16 May.

By submitting your poem to the competition, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. All entries agree for Plastic Oceans Australasia to use the poem on their website and in communications two years after the completion date. All entries emails will be added to the Plastic Oceans Australasia Newsletter list, participants can unsubscribe from Plastic Oceans Australasia materials at any time. The competition opens on 8 April 2021 and goes until Midnight 16 May 2021 - this competition was extended from 8 May to 16 May.

Entries received after Midnight on 16 May 2021 will not be accepted. Only entries submitted on the Plastic Oceans Australasia website will be accepted for the competition. There is no limit to the age, number of entries or location of the person entering. The $500 in prizes is split into first, second and third prizes. The winner of the competition will receive a $350 voucher to EcoBins Australia, second place receives $100 voucher for EcoBins Australia and third place will receive a $50 voucher to EcoBins Australia. Participants can purchase items from EcoBins Australia website. Any purchase above the voucher amount must be paid for by the competition participants. Anyone that doesn’t have Instagram and would like to enter the competition, you must enter into the EcoBin Australia and Plastic Oceans Australasia emailing list.


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