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Unwrapped: Reboot and Respond Webinar Recording

Unwrapped: Reboot and Respond Webinar Recording

To celebrate Sustainable Living Festival 2021, Plastic Oceans Australasia was joined by John Engelander, CEO and Founder of Planet Earth Cleaning Company and Ecobins Australia for their second instalment of Unwrapped: Reboot and Respond. This webinar was focused on finding ways to reboot our society’s overconsumption of plastic and how we can better respond to the impacts that plastics and harmful chemicals are having on our marine environment.

Hosted by Plastic Oceans Australasia’s Executive Director Ricki Hersburgh, this webinar included a discussion on what drives John and Ricki to protect the environment and was concluded with a very insightful Q&A session. John Engelander, CEO & Founder, The Planet Earth Cleaning Company and EcoBins Australia A true force of nature, John founded The Planet Earth Cleaning Company in 1994 from his belief in profit with a purpose. Today, he works with people who are looking for a healthier alternative & genuinely cares about making a difference to the planet, whether that’s through The Planet Earth Cleaning Company, the EcoBin business, or his personal advocacy & public speaking.

Ricki Hersburgh, Executive Director, Plastic Oceans Australasia A seasoned environmental sustainability professional, Ricki has held several senior management positions in Australia and internationally. Her passion and dedication to the plastics challenge has driven her and the team to develop cutting-edge behaviour change programs for schools, businesses, government, and community groups based on scientific research.


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