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Plastic Oceans Australasia want you to meet our amazing marine mates this SeaWeek!

Co-hosts Ricki Hersburgh (Executive Director) and Stephanie Karras (Senior Education Coordinator) from Plastic Oceans Australasia present to you our very special marine mates as we learn about sea turtles and dugongs, and explore how microplastics (including soy sauce fish!) are impacting them, for SeaWeek 2020.

We are thrilled to have Dr Mark Hamann, a researcher, lecturer and Associate Professor at James Cook University joining us for this event. He is also a proud member of the Plastic Oceans Australasia Technical Advisory Panel. He has researched the behaviour and ecology of marine turtles and threatened marine species since the mid-1990s. His research has focused on how animals and their habitats are impacted by human use of marine environments and he will be sharing this fascinating information with us.

We are ecstatic to also have Matthew Shribman join us for this event all the way from the United Kingdom. Matthew is an educator, scientist, environmentalist and content creator "hell-bent on making science as accessible as oxygen". Matthew is the founder of AimHi, a live online school where everyone can learn, interact and be inspired by exceptional educators from around the world. He is also the co-collaborator on the incredible short film 'Plastic in the Air' where he demonstrates that plastic waste is not only choking out marine wildlife, it is also in the air we breathe. He is talking about all things microplastics with us for this webinar.

We are also excited to have Scarlett Rosshandler, a passionate year 6 student from Melbourne who has been campaigning to ban plastic soy sauce fish in Australia. Her current petition, directed to Trevor Evans the Minister for Waste Reduction and the Environment, has over 73,000 signatures! Scarlett is going to be talking to us all about her journey and why we don't want these kinds of fish in the sea.



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