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Media Release: Replas and Plastic Oceans Australasia announce partnership

Replas and Plastic Oceans Australasia have announced their partnership to educate schools and councils about the recycling process, circular economy, and how plastic impacts marine environments.

In celebration of the partnership, Replas and POA are hosting the inaugural Picnics Unwrapped spring campaign – encouraging people to host plastic free picnics at their schools, workplaces, and within the community. The purpose is to raise awareness about the impact of plastic on our waterways while raising funds for the Plastic Oceans Australasia

Education Program in remote, regional, and disadvantaged communities and schools.

Managing Director of Replas, Mark Jacobsen, is looking forward to working with the Plastic Oceans team. “Replas is proud to collaborate with industry leaders and bring to the forefront topics like ocean plastic, what we can do to combat plastic waste, and the importance of a circular economy,” said Mark.

“Partnering with Plastic Oceans Australasia to bring schools, businesses, and councils together is the perfect kick starter with Picnics Unwrapped.”

Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Australasia, Ricki Hersburgh, is delighted to collaborate with Replas to join POA’s mission to change the world’s attitude to plastic within a generation. “It’s terrific to have Replas and the education team on board for this important cause as we know that plastic is extremely damaging for oceanic environments, human health and the ongoing survival of natural world as we know it,” said Ricki.

“I want to encourage anyone to join the Picnics Unwrapped campaign to learn how we can all follow the 5 R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurchase.”

Replas and Plastic Oceans Australasia will continue to work together as they begin their partnership to provide more schools with the POA Education Program and create self-led initiatives to reduce and eliminate plastic from schools.

For schools interested in a tour at the Replas Environmental Centre, please visit

For schools interested in participating in the program contact and/or sign up for the Picnics Unwrapped campaign at


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