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Media Release: Picnics Unwrapped Conclusion and Competition

We are delighted to provide you with the results of the Picnics Unwrapped Plastic Oceans Australasia competition.

The media release explains everything you need to know about the campaign including the webinar, It’s A Wrap that highlighted purpose of the campaign including the challenges we are facing with plastic pollution. Hosted by Ricki Hersburgh and Mark Jacobsen to discuss innovative ways to reduce plastic packaging, the circular economy and impacts experienced during the pandemic.

Picnics Unwrapped Campaign is a Plastic Oceans Australasia’s initiative that will be held annually to encourage people to host plastic-free picnics in the Spring to raise awareness, to empower people to create a wave of change with how they use and dispose of plastic.

To find out more about the competition results and prizes, go to

Media Release- PU Conclusion and Competition
Download PDF • 956KB


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