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It's an EPIC time to create a wave of change: reducing single-use plastics in healthcare

We're so excited to announce that Austin Health is the second Australian health service to join an innovative pilot project aiming to reduce single-use plastics from healthcare going into landfill and the ocean. This is a huge and important move, as healthcare generates hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste each year. It’s estimated that one third of hospital general waste is plastic. The project uses POA's EPIC Business Program, which provides a comprehensive and supportive system for health services to address their plastics problem. The project has been made possible with the support of Minderoo Foundation’s Flourishing Oceans Initiative. Project outcomes and case studies will be shared in early 2023 to scale up the impact of the pilot project and help the health sector address its plastic consumption.

Media contacts: Patricia Lee,, 0404 759 998

Remy Shergill,, 0423 075 895

For the full media release, please click the link here


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