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World Turtle Day webinar with Dr. Mark Hamann and Daniel González Paredes


Do you love sea turtles? Want to learn more about the many species found in Australia and what’s impacting them? Join Plastic Oceans Australasia and leaders in turtle research this World Turtle Day for this special webinar designed for people under the age of 16 - adults are welcome too!

Ricki Hersburgh will be joined by two leading scientists in turtle research from James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.

Plastic Oceans Australasia delivers comprehensive marine education programs to schools around the region. As all our webinars are free, you're welcome to make a donation to support the development of new resources on the impact of marine plastic which effects the health and wellbeing of all animals; including turtles. To make a tax-deductible donation, go to

Dr. Mark Hamann, Associate Professor, Marine Biology and Aquaculture, James Cook University

Mark Hamann is a researcher, lecturer, and Associate Professor at James Cook University. He has researched the behaviour and ecology of marine turtles and threatened marine species since the mid-1990s. His research has focussed on how animals and their habitats are impacted by human use of marine environments, and the human dimensions related to marine species management. He has an extensive history of collaboration with researchers in Australia and overseas and published across a variety of scientific fields.

Daniel González Paredes, PhD Candidate, James Cook University

Daniel has developed his professional career in the field of research and conservation of marine turtles for more than 10 years. His research interest is focused on the impact of human activities on these reptiles. In 2016, he founded the #PlasticFreeTurtle coalition. Currently, Daniel is pursuing his PhD at James Cook University tackling the issue of plastic ingestion by green sea turtles.

Host - Ricki Hersburgh, Plastic Oceans Australasia Executive Director

A seasoned environmental sustainability professional, Ricki has held several senior management positions in Australia and internationally. Her passion and dedication to the plastics challenge have driven her and the team to develop cutting-edge behaviour change programs for schools, businesses, government, and community groups based on scientific research.

You can watch the webinar recording below:

This webinar is designed for Primary and Secondary school students, teachers are encouraged to show it in class, or parents at home with children. Adults are also welcome to watch the webinar, noting that it is specially created for young people.

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