Samantha Cross

Director Cross Connections Consulting, Founder of Plastic Police® Program

Samantha Cross is a recognised leader in the waste management industry who has assisted organisations to progress improved waste management solutions and circular economy initiatives over the past 20 years. Frustrated by the impact of soft plastics in our oceans, the significant volumes ending up in landfill, and the lack of available options to effectively collect and recycle the soft plastic waste in Australia, Samantha launched the Plastic Police® program in the Hunter Region, NSW. The program provides a circular economy solution to end-of-life soft plastics and engages, educates and inspires participants to reduce their use of soft plastics.

 “I am honoured to be an Ambassador for Plastic Oceans Australasia. The documentary has inspired many, including me, to take action at a local level. It helps communicate the reasons WHY we need to act now in terms of how we design, use and manage plastic waste. There are multiple ways we can make a difference in our decisions and actions at home, work or in the community. I have seen first-hand the power of an engaged community involving collaboration between businesses, schools, councils to close the loop on soft plastics.”