Chelsea Flower Show – in review

What a week for the Plastic Oceans UK team at Chelsea Flower Show!

It’s been an unforgettable experience. We feel honoured to have partnered with global creative agency Pearlfisher, who were awarded a Gold Award in the ‘Space to Grow’ category. With the show’s theme this year being health and wellness, their garden, designed by John Warland, chose to address the issue of how we are impacting the World’s greatest garden- the ocean, particularly by plastic pollution. This heavy topic was bought into focus through an immersive, experiential and creative challenger design.

Anyone who has visited RHS Chelsea before knows how wide scale the site is. However it was impossible to miss The Pearlfisher Garden! It quite literally stood as an underwater world, differentiated from the other neighbouring designs. The objective was to showcase the dichotomy between the beauty and destruction present in our ocean – and it did just that.

The garden consisted of below-water level aquatic tanks that transported visitors underwater, whilst live fish represented the threat to the food chain by ocean plastics and their toxins. Beautiful cacti, succulents and exotics grew on the surface, juxtaposing the beauty and possible desertification of the ocean garden. The boundary walls incorporated 500 recycled plastic bottles, representing how much plastic packaging is thrown into the oceans every 2.5 seconds. A hard hitting realisation.