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Marketing and Communications Support



Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Exciting opportunity for a talented, creative and passionate person to make a difference at Plastic Oceans Australasia (POA). POA is a not-for-profit organisation working to stem the tide of single-use plastic pollution within a generation. The organisation is based in Melbourne and works throughout Australasia to change the way people address plastic waste by challenging society’s perception of this indestructible substance. We promote behaviour change by providing educational resources about the conservation, improvement, and protection of the physical and natural environment from plastic waste.

The POA Media and Communications Officer will help to increase awareness of the organisation, and its cause and drive fundraising efforts.

The position will also be responsible for developing a comprehensive annual calendar of engagements that encompasses all areas of the organisation including business, education, community and science.


The primary function of Marketing and Communications Support is to: 

• Support all aspects of the Communications and Marketing plans and strategies.

• Develop all communications and media for the organisation, as well as respond to enquiries.

• Research and develop an annual calendar of engagement events that encompasses all aspects of the organisation. 

• Support the development of a marketing strategy and content with increasing awareness of POA programs and activities.


The specific responsibilities and duties of the Marketing and Communications Support include: 


• Deliver engagement events and activities both online and face-to-face.

• Converse regularly with stakeholders through surveys, social media and emails.

• Develop written communication materials including speeches, reports, emails, PowerPoint presentations, flyers, website and social media content. 

• Develop online reporting of social media insights.

• Report on the progress of the Communications, Media and Marketing to the Executive Director.

• Plan and participate in events as required. 


  • Experience and understanding within Marketing and Communications

  • Demonstrated ability in Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

  • Excellent communication skills in both written and oral form

  • Demonstrated self-motivation and ability to work independently

About the Company

Our mission is to change the world's attitude to plastic within a generation and we do so through our comprehensive program for organisations. Single-use plastic is wreaking havoc on our planet and now more than ever we feel it is imperative to empower people to change the way they view and use plastic, whist inspiring others to do the same.

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